About This Site

This site was created in response to thousands who have expressed that they aren’t sure what they believe or why. They have a desire to understand themselves and to better understand the Christian worldview. It was also created in response to followers of Christ who wanted to point the people they care for to a safe place where they find answers to tough questions. The purpose of this site is to help people better understand their own worldview and to communicate some complex and commonly misunderstood Christian beliefs in order to help readers in their pursuit of truth, love, and a truly abundant life.

About The Author

Barry Warren is on the full-time staff of a Christian ministry called Cru. Barry writes from his own unique perspective, experience, and story–being someone who once had little respect for the Bible, Jesus, and the Christian worldview. Barry is fascinated with culture, worldview, and how people learn, understand, and interpret the world around them.

All the articles on this site have been reviewed by a community people to ensure the theological content is in line with Cru’s statement of faith–which is solely based on the Bible, and on which there has been general agreement among Christians historically.

About Cru

Cru is a community of people who’s purpose is to help all people understand, embrace, and fully experience the grace and love of God through Jesus Christ. To learn more about us go to www.cru.org.

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